Edgcumbe House, Taprell House & The Guildhall, Lostwithiel

Lostwithiel Town Council

Edgcumbe House, Taprell House & The Guildhall, Lostwithiel

Pre-Feasibility & Regeneration Study

Le Page Architects were appointed after competition, as lead consultants on this project in 2017 working jointly with Ed Whitelaw of the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) on this interesting commission.

The three buildings are individually listed Grade II* and whilst very different in nature and history, all three are under-used and two out of the three are in need of significant repair.  As a result, this became a concern to the Town Council and a Focus Group was formed specifically to consider future options for the buildings.  It was agreed that in their current state they represent an unsustainable drain on the Town Council’s finances and that ways must be sought to make them self-supporting at the very least.

The project entailed public consultations, and meetings with key stakeholders and identified individuals or organisations, to gain a view on what potential new uses might be supported in the future. The team worked closely with councillors at every stage throughout the project.

Le Page Architects spent time getting to know and understand the buildings, identifying where change might be possible and taking the repairs into account.   This was followed by outline discussions with Historic England to agree where possible changes might be acceptable. Possible use options were then firmed up in terms of business planning, governance models and funding sources to bring forward viable forward plan for next steps.